Kristie Stremel bio

Kristie's bio

Singer/songwriter Kristie Stremel hails from the town of Hays, KS, and originally got into music via playing Johnny Cash songs with her father (who plays guitar), as well as being inspired after catching a local Joan Jett concert. Shortly thereafter, at the age of 15, Stremel formed her first garage band. After relocating to Kansas City, Stremel began playing solo acoustic sets that consisted of half originals and half covers. She was invited to join alt-rockers Frogpond in the late '90s, contributing rhythm guitar to their 1996 debut album on Columbia Tri Star, Count to Ten (which was produced by Everclear's Art Alexakis). Two years later Stremel left the group, formed the power pop trio Exit 159, and issued an EP, Lost On Earth (1997), and full-length, A Song For Every Mood (1998) before the group split up in 2000. She returned to the studio right away to record as a solo artist.

Stremel released The Detour EP (2000), and in the spring of 2001, Stremel issued her full-length debut, the country-tinged All I Really Want, on the Slewfoot label (produced by Lou Whitney). She released another full-length album with Slewfoot; Here Comes The Light (2003) before the label went under. Stremel again teamed up with friend and producer Lou Whitney, and released 10 Years (2006), and Color Of Stars (2010). Stremel, who often jokes about barely graduating high school, also earned a Bachelors Of Fine Arts Degree from the University Of Kansas 2010.

 On April 1, Stremel released Songwriter (2014), her first self-produced album on her own label Stremeltone.

​Stremel’s son Charlie was born in 2013. In response to the life-changing event Stremel invited her favorite songwriters and writers, a community she has built over 20 years of songwriting and performing music on the road, to contribute songs and poetry to what would ultimately become Wildflowers (2014), a CD and book. Independent artists who were only instructed to “write a song or poem for children” pack the resulting CD with performances. The artists, from six states and many of them parents themselves, created fun, inspiring and beautiful compositions. The book was created to allow children to read and follow along with the lyrics each song and poem. Each composition is accompanied by fun and quirky expressive illustrations by artist Blue Haas (Pagosa Springs, CO), transporting children into a visual world as they read along. It is a beginner’s look at how songwriters structure original songs and how writers create original poems. Stremel also released a read-along book to her new song, Love Makes A Family (2014). Stremel wrote the song for he son in an effort to explain the importance of family and to help celebrate the diversity in families today. Her childhood friend, Blue Haas, illustrated the book.

Armed with coffee, her guitar, and a catalog of over 90 published songs, she continues to zigzag the US performing with a band and/or solo acoustic.